Learning activities
Keeno Explores the Farm - Wordsearch
Recognising colour names
Keno Explores the Farm - Matching animals names to pictures
Matching colours
Keno Explores the Farm - counting animals
Story postcard
Cutting and sorting
Matching and sticking
Draw and write - Crab
Draw and write - Fish
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Here are some free learning activities linked to KEENO's Beach adventure

Click on each images to download, print and use as often as you like

Draw and write - Lobster
Draw and write - Jellyfish
Draw and write - Dolphins
Draw and write - Octopus
Draw and write - Turtle
Draw and write - Seahorse
Draw and write - Pirate flag
Draw and write - Treasure
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Free colouring page

Here is a free sample page from KEENO's Beach colouring pack to download and enjoy

BEACH - fish to colour.png
KEENO's 10 day Beach Challenge

Can you complete KEENO's Beach challenge?

10 days = 10 practical craft activities

Remember to upload photos of your work to KEENO's Facebook page and collect stickers for each daily challenge

  • DAY 1

    Make a sea creature book corner

  • DAY 2

    Make a sea creature mask

  • DAY 3

    Make a 3D underwater scene

  • DAY 4

    Make a pom pom

    sea creature

  • DAY 5

    Make a beach finger puppet

  • DAY 6

    Make a beach  

    hanging mobile

  • DAY 7

    Make a farm beach character pop up card

  • DAY 8

    Make a moving sea creature

  • DAY 9

    Make a beach themed cube/dice

  • DAY 10

    Make a 3D beach